May 2011

Day Trader Game

Choosing the best type of Casino games such as a Day Trader Game, is all the rage in the UK.  Although most of our more discerning readers probably prefer not to Gamble online, with Day Trader type betting games.

For any type of Day Trader the need for robust and correct data, is a constant requirement to be able to read todays markets, most especially with regard to the Stock Market Training etc.  In addition the need for a Quality Day Trading Course is always recommended by our Team.  One of our Mentors at Quality Internet Solutions Ltd, is a Senior Professor of the Bangor Univiersity in Wales, we pull no punches when it comes to offering the very finest and accute level of Informative and factual data.

The Team at Quality Internet Solutions have been working alongside Mke Baghdady at Training Traders, a London based Stock Market Training Organisiation, who are Leaders in Forex Trading and all things relevant to the Stock Market and Foreign Exchange.

Our Project involves testing as many variables from as many people as we can, to devleop a New and Innovative way to educate for questions such as how we Learn how to trade forex as well as other Investments.  This area will be discussed in more detail shortly as we publish more information to help our Readers “Up The Hill” so to speak. Any form of Studies with a reputable University and Stock Market Trader, can only be good, especially from a Learning perspective.

The Apprentice, Financial Markets

The Apprentice

The Apprentice for the Financial Markets is on at Training Traders, as they search for The Apprentice of the Finance sector.

Mike Baghdady will chose 15 apprentices out of  approx 10,000 hopefuls and will fund each with $100,000 to basically start their own hedge fund within Training Traders Global Fund (being launched). These highly competitive candidates will be trained and allowed to trade across all the financial markets.

Mike’s seminar series in Australia in May marks his initial entry in the Australian financial market place, and is an investigative tour to plan a similar Apprenticeship program in Australia over the next year.

Extra resources added below to the 200 requests from our readers,

Trader Apprentice Scheme

Stock Market Trader Apprentice

Stock market apprentice

Day Trading

We have a one in a Million Day Trading Course, of which the Team at Quality Internet Solutions highly recommend.

The Day Trading course is run over 3 days, and offers the practical implementation of the methodology learnt on the Foundation Course. You will be shown how to utilise these skills in conjunction with our unique Trade Software to establish the high probability trades on a ‘session specific’ basis:  London – New York – Tokyo.

The Day Trading Course will give you the techniques to successfully trade any of the main market sectors including: Forex, Futures, Stocks and Commodities  

While the Software presents you with the opportunities to Enter and Exit trades, the Day Trading Course will give you the skills to select the appropriate instruments to trade… and those NOT to trade at any given time.

You will be taught how to control your Risk through ‘stop selection’ and thus identifying the Low Risk - High Probability opportunities.

You will learn the clearly defined Set of Rules concerning liquidation, instrument selection, entry and exit criteria and many more essential elements in developing and maintaining consistency in your trading.

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