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We will be compiling news from the Digital Marketing world as well as some of the latest Internet News and Trends here.

The latest News from the Guardian Internet Editorials can be viewed below:

  • Sat, 25 Feb 2017 11:00:02 +0000: This week’s best radio: Studs Terkel and the best of Anthony Burgess - Internet | The Guardian

    A two-part show recounts the career of a master interviewer, while the 100th birthday of the Clockwork Orange author is cause for celebration

    “What is interviewing?” says Studs Terkel, the late radio host from Chicago who devoted most of his life to the craft. “Interviewing is listening.” The Documentary: The World According To Studs Terkel (Wednesday 1 March, 7.30pm, BBC World Service) recounts the great man’s role in the careers of some of the people he spent time listening to, who included Bob Dylan and Woody Allen when they were just starting out, as well as his role in representing the liberal strain of thought at times when it wasn’t represented elsewhere. This two-part programme combines a “mosaic” of extracts from his lifetime’s work, plus interviews recorded by producer Alan Hall in Terkel’s later years.

    I once interviewed Anthony Burgess on the radio. I played pop records between the conversation. “How do you tolerate this awful music?” he said with a grimace and his customary hauteur. At the time, Manchester was the centre of the pop-music universe. You would never have guessed that Burgess was born in the city 100 years ago this week. BBC radio is pushing the boat out to mark the anniversary. Saturday Classics (Saturday 25 February, 1.02pm, Radio 3) features his biographer Andrew Biswell talking about the music he favoured, which presumably didn’t include New Order. The day after, there’s the first British production of his Oedipus The King (Sunday 26 February, 9pm, Radio 3) with Christopher Eccleston in the title role. There’s also a Burgess-themed Archive On 4 (Saturday 25 February, 8am, Radio 4 Extra) presented by Paul Morley, while five writers, from AL Kennedy to Kevin Jackson, talk about their favourite aspect of Burgess in The Essay: Burgess At 100 (Weekdays, 10.45pm, Radio 3).

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  • Fri, 24 Feb 2017 17:15:30 +0000: Zoe Sugg: the vlogger blamed for declining teenage literacy - Internet | The Guardian

    Wiltshire-born Zoella is an artist of self-engrossment who has become corporate gold dust and a publishing phenomenon

    If the words “digital ambassador” mean nothing to you, “vlogger” will mean even less. For simplicity, then, Zoella is an author, whose books – Girl Online and two sequels – have been named the nation’s favourites, leastways among secondary school kids. Her online presence is by far the more important, however: she started as a teenager in 2009, filming herself giving make-up tips in her bedroom, and went on to – well, to continue doing exactly that (one of the curiosities of vloggers generally is that they never give over). She has been blamed, along with other pedlars of unchallenging fiction – Jeff Kinney, of Diary of a Wimpy Kid – for declining teen literacy. She shouldn’t take this personally, as it was ghostwritten. Her vlogging work, by contrast, is all her own.

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  • Fri, 24 Feb 2017 11:46:42 +0000: Outlaw fake dating app profiles, says woman tricked into affair - Internet | The Guardian

    Anna Rowe, who was duped by a married man using a false photo and name on Tinder, calls on government to take action

    A woman who was duped into a relationship by a married man using a false name and picture on Tinder has called for people using fake personas on the internet to be prosecuted.

    Anne Rowe, 44, fell in love with a man who used the name Antony Ray and said he was a businessman who regularly travelled abroad for work. Ray used a picture of the Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan on the popular dating app.

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  • Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:00:11 +0000: Study reveals bot-on-bot editing wars raging on Wikipedia's pages - Internet | The Guardian

    Over time, the encyclopedia’s software robots can become locked in combat, undoing each other’s edits and changing links, say researchers

    For many it is no more than the first port of call when a niggling question raises its head. Found on its pages are answers to mysteries from the fate of male anglerfish, the joys of dorodango, and the improbable death of Aeschylus.

    But beneath the surface of Wikipedia lies a murky world of enduring conflict. A new study from computer scientists has found that the online encyclopedia is a battleground where silent wars have raged for years.

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  • Thu, 23 Feb 2017 14:51:37 +0000: Meet the man behind the 'white guy blinking' meme - Internet | The Guardian

    Have you seen the gif of the guy blinking in disbelief? Meet Drew Scanlon, the man behind the meme

    How does it feel when your face is plastered all over the internet?

    Ask Drew Scanlon – he knows all about it. He’s the face of a new meme you may have seen in the past few weeks.

    me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch me
    teacher: cells
    me: pic.twitter.com/fHJJsPLioO

    me: i want to–
    my bank account:pic.twitter.com/cmTq5mWqt2

    iPhone User: Android snapchat quality is trash compared to iPhone

    Android User: ...

    When you're in a fight and they make a good point pic.twitter.com/Lt7QdSrQi5

    I do public appearances, birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs. Contact my agent for day rates. https://t.co/1UNbG7QQwt

    me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch me
    teacher: cells
    me: pic.twitter.com/Jn98ivHi2u

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