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We will be compiling news from the Digital Marketing world as well as some of the latest Internet News and Trends here.

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  • Sat, 27 Aug 2016 23:05:16 +0000: Scotland enjoys the rebirth of its idyllic island life - Internet | The Guardian
    For years they were places that people left, never to return. Now, thanks to the internet, small businesses are thriving and populations are rising

    In those far-flung outposts of Britain’s influence where diplomats circle the Chesterfields of an evening and gossip over brandy, an old story is never far away. It is the story of a meeting – never recorded – that took place between officials of Britain and Norway to discuss the matter of how one might go about depopulating one’s islands. It is whispered that the government of Norway, restored once more following the Nazi occupation of the second world war, approached the UK seeking advice on a robust strategy towards its islands.

    Happily for future generations of Norwegians, their postwar government ignored what Britain told them, which was to evacuate the islands on the grounds of cost and security and gradually cause them to run down. Norway’s island communities thrived and became a powerhouse, while Britain’s suffered from a policy that has since been described as one of “benign neglect”. In Scotland, which has 99 populated islands – two-thirds of the UK’s total – it wasn’t until the creation of the Highlands and Islands Development Board in 1965 that its islands began to thrive once more.

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  • Sat, 27 Aug 2016 06:00:00 +0000: The police chief battling cybercriminals from Russia and Ukraine - Internet | The Guardian

    Half of online fraud comes from abroad, says Ian Dyson, commissioner of the City of London police, who has enlisted the help of Google and Microsoft to fight it

    Last Christmas Ian Dyson got a call from his bank. Was he really in a Travelodge, ordering takeaway pizzas? No, was his answer, he was at home with his family. Like millions of others, Dyson had fallen victim to card fraudsters stealing from his account. But Dyson is not like everyone else – he is the commissioner of the City of London police, with the job of protecting not just London but the whole country from fraud. And the depressing reality is, like so many other frauds, the criminals got away with it.

    Dyson is disarmingly honest about the explosion in online fraud and cybercrime, and what realistically the police can do about it. “Every month Action Fraud [the national fraud reporting service] receives 40,000 reports, half a million a year, and we know from the ONS stats that’s only a small percentage of what is going on. There were 3.8 million frauds and two million cyber offences. You cannot enforce your way out of this. It’s physically impossible.”

    There are 700 cases the City of London police are investigating at the moment

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  • Sat, 27 Aug 2016 06:00:00 +0000: Burglars aren’t the problem, we need to catch Russian cybercriminals - Internet | The Guardian
    The City of London’s top policeman says every £1 spent on fighting fraud prevents around £60 of online theft

    Just how defeatist are our police over online crime? The top fraud crime fighter in the country, City of London Police commissioner Ian Dyson, won’t agree with that, but he certainly talks down the possibility of arrests and convictions. There’s a bluntness to his assessment that won’t, perhaps, go down too well with the Foreign Office. Crooks in Russia and Ukraine are behind much of it, he says, and law enforcement there won’t cooperate with the British.

    It’s a common saying that you can’t put a policeman on every street corner, and we certainly can’t put one on Kreschatik Street or Old Arbat. But arguably our problem is that we tried to put too many bobbies on the beat, with the vogue for neighbourhood policing skewing resources to threats, such as home burglary and car theft, that have actually been in steep decline.

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  • Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:33:59 +0000: Battle royal: Amazon and Netflix turn to UK talent in TV wars - Internet | The Guardian

    Netflix’s British debut The Crown is hot on the heels of Amazon’s first original UK series, fashion drama The Collection

    As the battle between Amazon and Netflix for the next generation of viewers intensifies, both streaming services are adding a new weapon to their arsenal: the creative muscle of the British television industry.

    Next week, audiences who miss the stylish US hit Mad Men will be able to get their fix from lavish fashion drama The Collection, Amazon’s first original UK series. Netflix will soon follow suit with its own British debut, The Crown, focusing on the life of Elizabeth II.

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  • Fri, 26 Aug 2016 10:24:46 +0000: AI guides your daily life, but is it liberal or conservative? - Internet | The Guardian

    Recommender systems influence our cultural, social and political lives, but are they agents of diversity or conservative guardians?

    Imagine you’re a billionaire, with your own film studio. You’re sitting there on your golden throne, eating peeled grapes off Channing Tatum’s abs. Your assistant has just handed you the script for The Expendables 7 or yet another Spider-Man reboot. You yawn theatrically in his face. Surely, you think yourself, in this data-driven age there has to be a better way. Couldn’t we use machine learning to design the optimum new film? Something guaranteed to be a box office hit?

    So you toss the grapes and get to work on some code. You write a fancy algorithm, and you feed it the scripts and the box office takings of every film ever made. It crunches through all the data, learns the characteristics of a hit script, and using that knowledge it spits out the blueprint for the most commercially lucrative film of all time. It’s a Pixar remake of the Wizard of Oz, using space dinosaurs. It’s bloody brilliant.

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