The Apprentice, Financial Markets

The Apprentice

The Apprentice for the Financial Markets is on at Training Traders, as they search for The Apprentice of the Finance sector.

Mike Baghdady will chose 15 apprentices out of  approx 10,000 hopefuls and will fund each with $100,000 to basically start their own hedge fund within Training Traders Global Fund (being launched). These highly competitive candidates will be trained and allowed to trade across all the financial markets.

Mike’s seminar series in Australia in May marks his initial entry in the Australian financial market place, and is an investigative tour to plan a similar Apprenticeship program in Australia over the next year.

Extra resources added below to the 200 requests from our readers,

Trader Apprentice Scheme

Stock Market Trader Apprentice

Stock market apprentice

Learn to Trade

Here at Quality Internet Solutions, we aim to offer the very best Trading Online courses available in the Market place in 2011.  With Trading Stocks Online becoming more and more challenging the need for reliable resources is paramount. 

The Trading Training Course should offer methods of Trading such as “Price Behaviour” when Trading the Worlds markets.

When reviewing some of the possible solutions for Learning To Trade, we found that Training Traders in London offered the best solution for our team of traders.  With hours of material and endless resources for measuring the Market, they really did stand out from the crowd.

The Trading Course Details are as follows:

Subjects 21st century Trading
Rule based Trading
Human Behaviour
Getting a Trading Edge
How to identify and Trade different Market Conditions
Trading Momentum
Sideways Markets & Reversing Markets
Identifying High Probability Trades
Quantifying and Limiting your Risk
Price Behaviour – emotions and Human Psychology
Buy and Sell Points

Internet Solutions Summary:

Training Traders are an Online Trading School, offering Stock Trader Training. They also include Day Trading, Day Trader Education as well as lessons and seminars on stock market trading.

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