The Trading Review for Europe

Trading in Europe and the World as a whole is an important element for most large organisations as well as governments, therefore we thought that completing a Trading Review for Europe was an important area to discuss.

After recent years of Banking errors from over charging, forcing closures of businesses, as well as unfairly selling insurances to its own customers, The Banks as a whole are becoming more and more untrusted by both businesses and consumers alike. This area is a great concern, especially within todays business markets around the world, as they create uncertainty for shareholders and businesses also, this is due to reserves being placed by the banks to cover the compensation they owe to the very people they have unfairly overcharged. Large banks such as Lloyds, RBS and Barclays have set aside Millions of money, to ensure they are covered for payouts etc. This has left not only the Shareholders out of pocket, in relation to Dividend payments, but also has left a big question mark as to how this was allowed to happen in the first place. A good example of this, relates to the Risk of any Personal Injury or Unfair Dismissal cases, that potentially these banks may or may not have to pay compensation for over the next few years. Created a Budget or allocation of monies into this particular element of risk is unheard of, and in some cases would be higher in value, dependent of course on the amount of claims etc.

Whilst we are all looking to find growth within the European Union for trading and increasing GDP levels , we do question which countries are gaining unfairly, with regard to Corporation Tax avoidance, Increase in Export, as well as employment contracts. Most organisations in the past decade have moved heaven and earth to find Tax Havens, as well as agreeing export contracts with an array of Countries, most especially with Military and Pharmacy based products.

The ideals of the United Nations many years ago, was to ensure a fair playing field for Business and Commerce around the World, this sadly is not the case, especially when looking at the World’s Countries as a whole. From poverty to wars and civil unrest, the problems do appear to be worsening. These types of issues, do have a global impact on Countries, people and of course Financially. The European Union does assist quite well for some of the aforementioned issues, however there is a lot more that could be done. The International Monetary Fund is a fantastic organisation, that offers extremely good advise for all of the above issues, however there is simply no consistent willingness to change on a global basis. A good example of this issue, can be seen clearly when we look at the percentages of people with large fortunes against the people with very low finances. If we looked at countries such as Russia, America and the UK, the figures are quite blatantly biased, and do not reflect a fair and even system for society.

As to why the Riches 85 people in the World own the same financial wealth as the bottom half of the population, this is a startling fact that highlights just why the system is not far. In the last few years, in the USA alone, the riches 1% of people hold 95% of income gains, why this exists or is allowed to exist is quite simply bizarre. One of the clearest ways of resolving this and also offers Governments more finances for the poorer people in society is to increase taxation for the 1% of people that hold this wealth. In the USA the bottom 90% have become poorer, this again highlights why the current systems in place are not working equally. The inequality in relation to Finances around the world are clear to see, and must be looked at in a global manner.

As to exactly how the worlds leaders can resolve these issues, we recommend an open discussion by all parties, opening up dialogue to the hard facts above. This along with a systematic plan of action, can be the only way these inequalities can be resolved. After all, the evolution of the United Nations and the IMF are good working models as to how changing the global economy can be done, all we need is cooperation and a long term perspective and social responsibility. There are of course people globally that are without homes, food and a basic standard of living, these should be the first items on the Agenda, with a view to global responsibility by each and every country, after all the European Union works well for the countries within it, so a global arm would be a good step to initiate such as large scale solution.

We have been reviewing some data and statistics on the IMF website, for more resources we recommend reviewing The Official Statistics and Data for the IMF website which hosts a wide choice of important factual data. In addition the United Nations Research Guides are very helpful resources of interest within this subject matter.

London’s Attracting more Technological Companies

The City of London is attracting more new technology companies than ever before, from a variety of the worlds larger organisations. Recently Microsoft moved to the prestigious Silicon Roundabout in the East End of London, highlighting just how popular the City is now becoming to investors. The main idea behind Silicon roundabout is to emulate the American Silicon Valley in the UK, and enhance the reputation of the IT Growth. Most organisations hoping to be based in this area, will be scouring an array of resources to find an Office to rent within this business community.

The UK Government has invested heavily in this area, with reports of a projected 40-50  Million pounds of investment. The development of super fast broadband as well as general infrastructure and transport improvements, will be the main ingredient to success for this bold investment by the government.

Location of Digital Technology Businesses

The world of Innovative Technology within the Digital Age, is by far one the fastest growing sectors within the business community, and therefore it makes sense to ensure the UK keeps ahead of the market place within Europe and the World. The reputation within the Technology sector, is one of the main areas that the UK as a whole, needs to be improved on, this particular development could be the blueprint for success for a large amount of the City locations within the United Kingdom.

The latest news relating to Inflation and Interest rates is excellent in the UK, which should add more viability to more Technology firms locating to London areas as well the rest of the county in 2014 and beyond.

Additional information on Intellectual Property

The Official Public resources for The Land Registry

Additional resources for Serviced Offices

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Online Trading Resources

Online Trading Resources – The Key Advantages of Trading Forex

The exchange of foreign currencies or forex trading is one of the most profitable and interesting trading platforms in the world today and now there are more traders trading these markets than ever before. For those of you who do not know how forex trading works the process of online trading currencies starts by a buyer purchasing any given amount of foreign currencies and then when markets change selling them on in the hope of making a profit. This sounds easy yes? Well this is far from the truth as with any trading platform forex trading has its very own obstacles and dangers that the trader must be aware of. The team at Quality Internet Solutions have been actively reviewing the latest Online Trading resources, mostly resourced from The London Stock Exchange, the UK Stock Market Exchange.

As Online Trading is often the quickest way to trade, this route of trading is more popular within many large corporate organisations, mainly due to the ease of use for trading stocks, as well as the online resources available with The Guardian and The Times newspaper websites. Gaining the most up to date financial  knowledge allows traders to gain a quick, concise and very accurate knowledge base, of which is often used when decided where and when to buy and trades both Stocks and Forex.

We will concentrate on reviewing why many online traders feel that this type of trade has great benefits over others in the industry so you have a better idea of the pros and cons of the market. One of the main advantages of online trading is that the market is open twenty four hours a day so it is much easier especially for those of us who work from nine until five to participate in the market when we return home from work. This eliminates the risk of being caught out by valuation fluctuations of our interests whilst we are asleep as we can set certain automated limits where your interests can be sold at any time of the day if it meets certain criteria. One of the most enticing facts about the forex market which appeals to people is the fact that in this type of trade you are not required to invest huge sums of capital before you can trade. This means no matter how much capital you have to play with you can always enter the market at any given level and then build your investment from there. As forex is one of the most liquid markets it is very easy to buy and sell your investments at any time as there will always be someone at the other end ready to rip your arm off to get hold of your interests which is very rare in trading in general unless of course you are sitting on a gold mine.

You will also find within forex trading that there are extremely lower commissions to be paid out to brokers and so forth as there is no formal need to actually have a broker if you do not wish to do so. Of course in many cases it is very advantageous to have a broker as they can offer you a great deal of advice and Solutions from their own personal and professional experience which can really come in handy in hard to deal with situations. You will again find that within the forex market you can control much more in value of investments than you actually have in value of capital by using the process of margin trading or leverage. This allows the trader to control up to one hundred times the value of their capital and this can increase up to one thousand times your capital if you choose to use an offshore company. The ability to make a profit during uptrend and downtrend is also a great advantage that is not available in many other types of trading such as commodities or land where the trader will need to wait for prices to increase before they are able to make a profit.

As you can see trading forex can be very advantageous for many online traders and requires virtually no experience in trading to get started. Of course it is always advised to do as much research as possible on the subject before you dive in head first but if you feel ready to trade your capital then it is solely your choice and we wish you the best of luck with all your future trades. We always advise people who are no to this type of trading to participate in a great deal of paper trades before investing their own money as this will help you attune your trading skills as best as possible before participating in the market as this can give you a great foundation for your future investments.

Trading Software

Trading Software Explained

Trading stocks and shares online as well as all the other variations of trading vehicles is one of the most profitable and financially beneficial markets in the world today and can provide both excitement and terror. One of the most useful tools for those wishing to participate in the purchase and sales of stocks is any of the various types of trading software that is on offer to the traders from a variety of sources. We here at Quality Internet Solutions Ltd know this so our team has decided to review and look at as many of these software packages available to you so you will be aware of what features are available to you.

When looking for trading software that will give you everything you need for your trades you must first be sure that the software you are looking at offers you all the facilities that you require as we have seen many new traders purchase software that fails to deliver on some aspects of what they were looking for which can be quite annoying to say the least. The first thing you should ensure when buying the various types of trading software to is ensure that is secure in all aspects of its workings as this is essential to stop various types of fraud.

In most of these software packages you will find that you will be required to use your unique login details to access the program which keeps out any unwanted visitors. The second thing you should look for is that the software has a good set of navigational buttons as this can save you searching the various features for long periods of time. The best of these packages always offer great navigation which allows you to access all the features in a simple and straight forward matter which can be invaluable when you are in a hurry to complete a deal. You will also find within these software packages many different features that are designed to help you decide whether to invest your money in various projects.

One of the most required features on offer with software of this type is the use of many different types of charting tools which can be used for a variety of features. This can be used for those wishing to view a large amount of historical data for the companies they are looking at which includes previous stock prices as well as being able to view the rise or fall of the companies value. In this software you will also be available to view and scrutinize all of your trade interests as you can access the software’s trade management features which can be very useful when used correctly. The software will also offer extensive trade reports where traders can view the latest news and happenings of all their investments via the built in trade news features that most packages offer to their customers. You will also be able to access the financial side of your trading accounts through this software which will allow the user to make additional deposits or if they wish to do so withdraw their funds to their linked bank account.

This section will also allow the trader to view a host of additional information such as looking at the value of dividends due for payment which can be very useful if you are inclined to participate in short term trading ventures. In addition to all these features you will also be able to view all the trade market prices and values from the various stock market providers through the software which can be incredibly beneficial to say the least. As you can see this type of software offer the trader a completely new set of tools for which they can use to increase their ability to trade successfully within any given market place. Additional Resources for Trading Forex Online

Internet Trading

Internet Trading Online

Trading online can have many benefits over more historical methods and each of these benefits can help traders increase their profits considerably with as little effort as possible.

Our team of dedicated reviewers here at Quality Internet Solutions have been looking into all the advantages and disadvantages of trading the various monetary vehicles so they could offer you a complete overview of the subject. Online trading can be done from anywhere where there is a steady internet connection which can be very beneficial to those who are not available to spend hours at a time at their local brokerage.

This option also allows many different types of traders to enter the trading market from home users all the way to corporate executives as it is now easier than ever to open a trading account and start trading. One of the main benefits of trading inline is that you will incur a lot less brokerage fees by doing so especially if you are a frequent trader as you will not be paying for the dedicated assistance of a broker which can be costly. You will also find that you have much more control over your investments so you will be able to choose exactly when to sell and what price to sell your stocks for.

This eliminates the need for long phone calls where you may find yourself waiting for some time to speak to your brokers that ultimately could cost you valuable time to make your trades and cost you money along the way. You will also find that you have much more flexibility to scan the market in search of options that could potentially benefit you and your trades. Within many online trading accounts software you will also find that you will be offered a wide variety of trading tools completely free which can help you considerably in the market.

The Internet Trader will also be able to view real time updates on all the interests in your portfolio so never again will you find yourself losing money as you were slightly behind the times. Many online brokers will also offer you additional services free of charge such as providing you with historical data on markets and also trade recommendations which can be invaluable. All is not always rosy though when dealing with online trading accounts as there are still many wrinkles that need to be ironed out in the future. Like with everything in this world trading online can have its disadvantages with the first of these being that you will be completely on your own in regard of making your investment choices.

Online Traders will be required to side themselves whether to trade or sell their concerns as you will have no physical advisor to provide you with help when you need it so if you are not experienced in the workings of the market you could find yourself at a great disadvantage. Another disadvantage is that by doing your trades online without ever visiting your physical brokerage can lead to you not mixing with other professionals in the industry.

This can eliminate the advantage of having all the latest gossip and tips from other traders which can be quite costly if you like to keep your finger on the pulse. All in all the advantages of online trading well outweigh those of a trader who does not participate in it so trading in this way can be a great way to get the most out of the market. Whatever your choice whether it to trade online or not is will be a great advantage for you to do extensive research into this way of trading before making your final decision.

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