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  • Tue, 25 Jun 2024 12:00:26 +0000: ‘It’s been hell’: injured Amazon workers turn to GoFundMe to pay bills - Internet | The Guardian

    Amazon pledged to create ‘Earth’s safest place to work’. Three warehouse workers speak about their experiences

    Amazon workers left unable to work by injuries on the job have resorted to online fundraising campaigns to pay their bills as they fight for compensation and disability benefits.

    Three current employees, injured while working in the technology giant’s warehouses, described a “bureaucratic, terrible process” while they sought financial support. One was rendered homeless.

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  • Sat, 22 Jun 2024 15:00:33 +0000: On the digital map of history, when will big tech’s USSR moment finally come? | Alex Hern - Internet | The Guardian

    The end of the all-powerful social networks seems inconceivable, but the disintegration of the Soviet giant once did too

    I was born two years before the USSR ceased to exist. The largest country in the world disappeared overnight, replaced by the new largest country in the world, Russia. But the footprint it left took longer to be washed away. I grew up with a duvet cover printed with a world map prominently featuring the ex-nation, reading books and atlases that were published after I was born but before it vanished, and voraciously consuming science fiction that assumed the Soviets would continue to exist far into the future.

    The USSR isn’t the only such artefact, of course. Randall Munroe, author of the webcomic XKCD, once put together a flow chart to date almost any world map made since the 19th century to within a few years by answering some simple questions. Does it show Constantinople rather than Istanbul? Does Tokyo exist but not South Africa or Rhodesia? Is Bolivia landlocked? Then your map is from between 1884 and 1895.

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  • Fri, 21 Jun 2024 17:14:37 +0000: What does the London NHS hospitals data theft mean for patients? - Internet | The Guardian

    Qilin stole information relating to 300m interactions with the NHS, which could be used in future scams

    A Russian criminal gang has stolen highly sensitive NHS patient data, including the results of blood tests for HIV and cancer, after a cyber-attack this month.

    The group posted nearly 400GB of data overnight from a hack of Synnovis, a private/NHS joint venture that provides pathology services such as blood tests and transfusions. Seven hospitals run by two NHS trusts, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College, have been affected by the ransomware attack.

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  • Fri, 21 Jun 2024 17:00:53 +0000: Cyber-attack hobbles car dealers across US and Canada for third day in a row - Internet | The Guardian

    CDK said in a letter to its 15,000 customers that it ‘did not have an estimated time frame for resolution’

    A cyber outage at a major retail software provider for automobile dealers entered its third consecutive day on Friday, delaying car sales throughout North America, the affected companies said. The software provider, CDK, said there was no end in sight.

    “The CDK outage is impacting automotive dealerships across the US and Canada, including a portion of BMW Group dealers,” a spokesperson for BMW North America told Reuters.

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  • Fri, 21 Jun 2024 11:02:58 +0000: Hacked London NHS hospitals data allegedly published online - Internet | The Guardian

    Cyber-attack earlier this month led to cancellation of almost 1,600 operations and outpatient appointments

    Data from a ransomware attack has allegedly been published online weeks after the attack halted operations and tests in major London hospitals, NHS England has said.

    A Russian group carried out the cyber-attack on Synnovis, a private pathology firm that analyses blood tests for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation trust (GSTT) and King’s College trust, on 3 June, forcing hospitals in the capital to cancel almost 1,600 operations and outpatient appointments.

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