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  • Wed, 26 Jan 2022 16:30:08 +0000: Angharad Yeo: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) - Internet | The Guardian

    The new Double J Weekends host loves being online, be it watching a TikToker reading out court transcripts or enjoying strangely threatening tweets

    I am a child of the internet. I was always drawn to computers and tech, and used to beg my dad to bring us to his office on a weekend so we could use the high-speed internet to play Neopets games. As I got older it was all MSN, MySpace, Paramore fan forums, Tumblr, Twitter and now TikTok. I want nothing more than to zone out and look at my little pictures.

    One of my favourite things about the internet is that it allows you to see everyone’s best joke. The moment in their life where they were at their absolute funniest – whether it be because they had a moment of brilliant wit or because they got pulled through a panel roof while practising for a high school play (I assume).

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  • Wed, 26 Jan 2022 16:30:07 +0000: Easy wins: delete your social media apps and claw back precious days of your life - Internet | The Guardian

    Phone notifications are, by design, hard to resist. Stopping them at the source is a better solution

    There’s something about that red dot. The ping. That little shudder of your phone. All those tiny, quiet gestures which together, form a cacophony, making your phone screech: “Something happened. Look at me! Right now! And then again! And sometime later! But still soon! Really soon! OK? OK?”

    Australians in 2020 spent, on average, an hour and 46 minutes a day on social media. That, according to my rudimentary calculations, is equivalent to more than 26 days a year on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, et al. This, I’d suggest, is too many days.

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  • Tue, 25 Jan 2022 17:15:23 +0000: Tales from the crypto: lira crisis fuels Bitcoin boom in Turkey - Internet | The Guardian

    Lack of trust in official currency has led to surging interest in cryptocurrencies – despite their volatility and government opposition

    In the offices of Altcointurk, a cryptocurrency hub tucked away in a sidestreet in Istanbul’s bustling Kadıköy neighbourhood, two wall-mounted TV sets showed the live value of currencies bitcoin and Ethereum, both graphs sloping downwards.

    Altcointurk’s all-male inhabitants were not worried – in the chaotic world of cryptocurrency, their fortunes could soon change.

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  • Mon, 24 Jan 2022 16:49:28 +0000: Why is rural broadband still not fit for purpose? | Letter - Internet | The Guardian

    The focus seems to be on upgrading internet speeds in urban areas, while rural locations struggle, says Richard Harris

    I live in a small village about two miles from a large town that has high-speed broadband. My experience mirrors your report (19 January) that local governments focus extensively on easy-to-reach urban areas. Money was spent to improve areas that already had high speeds, just from a rival provider.

    The local project was wound up. Our village was left stuck in the slow lane of 2Mbps speeds. Luckily, a conversation with our local councillor helped resolve this and the village now has a high-speed fibre network.

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  • Mon, 24 Jan 2022 07:00:44 +0000: How to speed up your broadband internet - Internet | The Guardian

    A slow connection affects not only your entertainment but also your ability to work from home

    Find out the speed you are getting using a computer connected to your router via an ethernet network cable. Many routers and other devices come with one, or they cost about £5 separately.

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