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SumUp EPOS Terminal

As 2019 begins, we have to start talking about some of the new technology developments.

Recently the Quality Internet Solutions team were tasked with creating a bespoke shop EPOS system. Whilst looking into the best way to implement a cost effective solution, we stumbled across a simple payment terminal, named “SumUp“.  Unlike other payment providers, that would take a while to implement, and also incur some pretty complex setting up, this one was by far the standout one.

If you would like to try out the card, simple click on the image below, this will give you £30 off the purchase price of the card reader.

Not only is Sumup really easy to set up, it is probably the easiest EPOS payment system we have ever implemented. The main feature that wowed our technical developers, was the ease of access element, whereby the card terminal itself linked up with Bluetooth.  To some this may not seem like that big a deal, however it also has some hidden extras.

The solution we adopted linked the terminal to an Ipad, which was armed with a bespoke EPOS system, that is accessed online.  This feature is becoming more common these days, as we are being asked almost weekly, to look into the removal of archaic till terminals, and replace them with mobile and user friendly alternatives.

The hidden extras with the Sumup card terminal really did make light work of our Till implementation. Firstly the configuration options allow a simple link up to a thermal receipt printer ( Purchased separately ) In addition it also allowed us to set up options for the Tin Draw to open as well as some other little extras. All this from a simple little white box, it really has changed the way EPOS systems operate, making our job super efficient.