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The leading companies throughout the world, invest heavily in Branding as this is one of the most important elements to worldwide success. Organisations such as Nike, Coco Cola and Mcdonalds ensure they are splashed on almost every form of Marketing Channels, most especially the new Digital Channels. Advertising methods may change, however the principle is the same, gain brand recognition, become a Known Brand that is trusted.

We have added some images below that highlight the diverse types of Branding and Logo Artwork.

Mixed Brands

Virgin Logo's


Mixed Brands

Shoe Branded Logo

Social Networking Brands

Re-Branding can be extremely expensive for large organisations, as they have to replace signage, letterheads, uniforms and legal correspondence. However for a new business the process can be affordable and secure a solid foundation and identity relatively quickly. We have added some information below that will assist in the understanding of the thought process in choosing the right colour, style and layout of a logo.


It is not only about creating the right colour for your Brand, it is also about the Identity and reputation, we have added some very interesting data below, that relates to some of the leading organisations such as Google, Apple and the corporate profile data.

A Basic Overview of Google


Address of the HQ – Mountain View, CA, United States

10000+ Employees

Founded In 1998

Company – Public

Industry Sector – Internet Search Engine

Revenue £10+ billion per annum

A Basic Overview of Apple

Website www.apple.com

Address of the HQ – Cupertino, CA, United States

10000+ Employees

Founded In 1976

Company – Public

Industry Sector –  Information Technology

Revenue £5 to £10 billion per annum

The 2 brands above, frequently win awards such as “Best Company to work for”, of which Google is currently holding number one position and Twitter holding 24th place, with awarding organisations such as the Fortune 100 Best Global Companies to work for. More details can be viewed below or via our Google profile.

For the latest Fortune News please see below:


How to Define your Brand Identity

This is best looked at as a journey, as you grow your business, these can change.

We have added some details below, that help you discover your Brand Definition:

What are the main core qualities that your Business should be associated with?

What is the main mission of your company?

What do your current customers and future customers think of your Business / Company?

What are the main features and benefits of your provided products / services on offer?

Some leading business brands have been added below for your perusal, each offer an interesting view on logo diversity and alternative branding:

  1. Net App
  2. Unilever
  3. Adidas
  4. Harrods
  5. Natwest
  6. Sky
  7. Nasa
  8. BBC
  9. Fox News
  10. SAS
  11. Microsoft
  12. Marriott International
  13. Cisco
  14. Office Providers
  15. Yahoo
  16. Realtor
  17. Diageo
  18. RCIL
  19. Hyatt Hotels
  20. Atento
  21. Walmart
  22. McKesson Healthcare
  23. EON Energy
  24. Playstation
  25. EA Games
  26. Prudential
  27. Casino Football
  28. Toshiba
  29. Aetna
  30. Caterpilla
  31. Student Visa Information
  32. Central Index
  33. The Mirror Profile
  34. The Yell Profile
  35. Panasonic
  36. British Telecom Profile

Most of the aforementioned brands have unique and innovative Logo and Corporate branding, which is integral in gaining market trust, awareness and identity. We will be publishing more Marketing News soon, detailing a more thorough examination of brand marketing.
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