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  • Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:40:14 +0000: How women created some of the world's biggest education tech companies - Internet | The Guardian

    The tech industry is dominated by men, but some of the world’s biggest education tech brands have women at the helm. What do these women have in common? They’re all former teachers

    Everything’s going digital, and that includes education. From homework management apps to virtual reality geometry lessons, there’s plenty on offer from companies competing for a slice of the sizeable global market for online learning.

    Education technology (edtech) exports are worth £170m to the UK economy and the Department for Education (DfE) has unveiled plans to build “the best edtech ecosystem in the world”, with a new edtech strategy. It’s hoped powerful technologies will improve student learning and relieve teacher workload in the face of shrinking education budgets.

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  • Thu, 18 Jul 2019 08:00:18 +0000: The government is rubbish at social media. And no, a new PM won’t change that | Jack Bernhardt - Internet | The Guardian
    Even if @10Downing Street did get a personality, the needs of the state and the messy habits of the internet just don’t match

    In unsure political times, one has to cling to particular certainties. Mark Francois’s face will grow redder and angrier the longer we delay Brexit. By January 2020, he should be visible from space. Chuka Umunna will, at some point, leave the Lib Dems to create a party called Alternative Change Politics, which he will leave within 45 minutes of registering it. Jeremy Corbyn will keep finding new and exciting ways to disappoint you. And regardless of who the new prime minister is, the government will continue to be absolutely rubbish at social media.

    Last week the government announced it was setting up the adorably pathetic Office for Tackling Injustices, a new department that will use data and statistics to combat inequality across the country. It should be able to do a great deal of good in the four weeks it exists before Boris Johnson duly scraps it. To accompany the launch, Downing Street’s official Twitter account (a set of words that feel as incongruous and nauseating together as “fizzy cheese” and “Andrew Neil’s muscular thighs”) showed it was down with the kids by releasing a bafflingly crummy video.

    It’s no coincidence that the most popular politicians on social media are furthest away from government

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  • Thu, 18 Jul 2019 00:59:44 +0000: 'Wizard' hacker charged after financial records of nearly every Bulgarian exposed - Internet | The Guardian

    Cyber attack compromised records on incomes, tax, health insurance and loans of millions of people

    A 20-year-old cybersecurity worker has been arrested in Bulgaria and charged with hacking the personal and financial records of millions of taxpayers, as police continue to investigate the country’s biggest ever data breach.

    Bulgaria’s NRA tax agency is facing a fine of up to €20m ($22.43m) over the hack, which was revealed this week and is thought to have compromised the records of nearly every working adult among the country’s population of 7 million.

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  • Wed, 17 Jul 2019 11:45:04 +0000: What Berwick Rangers going viral tells football clubs about social media - Internet | The Guardian

    Bayern Munich and Roma are not the only clubs gaining fans online – as Berwick, Motherwell and Celtic showed last season

    By Simon Meehan for Nutmeg magazine

    It’s 4.50pm on a cold, blustery Saturday in March and I am at the in-laws’ house on the south coast of England. Cups of tea have been distributed, rugby is on the TV and Scotland are trundling to another defeat. Amid sympathetic murmurings, I glance at Twitter for the score that matters. Dumbarton have beaten Montrose away and my mood is saved for the evening.

    My attention, however, is drawn to the multitude of likes and shares appearing on a tweet from the official Berwick Rangers account: “Ugly scenes in the dugout as Cowdenbeath’s manager has just told [Berwick manager] Johnny Harvey to ‘take his face for a sh*te’ #BRFC.”

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    Official: Leonardo Spinazzola is now a Roma player.

    This summer #ASRoma will use each transfer announcement video on social media to help raise awareness about the search for missing children globally.
    @MissingKids ❤️ @telefonoazzurro

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  • Wed, 17 Jul 2019 11:43:18 +0000: Amazon faces EU inquiry over treatment of small retailers - Internet | The Guardian

    Investigation into possible anti-competitive behaviour is likely to spark US anger

    The European Union has launched a formal investigation into Amazon, opening a new front against the US tech giants.

    Announcing the decision, the European commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, said she wanted to take “a very close look” at whether Amazon’s business practices broke EU antitrust rules.


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