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  • Sat, 27 Feb 2021 12:00:24 +0000: ‘Record companies have me on a dartboard’: the man making millions buying classic hits - Internet | The Guardian

    Hit songs can be a better investment than gold – and by snapping up the rights, Merck Mercuriadis has become the most disruptive force in music

    Merck Mercuriadis had a good Christmas. On Christmas Day, the No 1 song in the UK was LadBaby’s Don’t Stop Me Eatin’, a novelty cover version of Journey’s 1981 soft-rock anthem Don’t Stop Believin’. It replaced Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, which had topped the chart 26 years after its original release. Both songs are unkillable, evergreen hits, which are closing in on 1 billion Spotify streams apiece. Both songs are among the 61,000 owned, in whole or in part, by Mercuriadis’s investment company, Hipgnosis Songs Fund, and epitomise the thesis that has made the 57-year-old Canadian, in less than three years, the most disruptive force in the music business.

    Put simply, Hipgnosis raises money from investors and spends it on acquiring the intellectual property rights to popular songs by people like Mark Ronson, Timbaland, Barry Manilow and Blondie. In a fast-growing market, what sets Hipgnosis apart from competitors is its founder’s bona fides as a veteran A&R man, manager and record label CEO. Like an old-school music mogul, Mercuriadis sells his brand by selling himself. Unlike those moguls, he’s a buff, teetotal vegan with spartan tastes. “The only material thing that I really care about is vinyl,” he says. “And Arsenal football club.” He looks rather like a rock-concert security guard: shaven head, burly torso, plain black T-shirt, hawkish gaze. Mark Ronson calls him “the smartest guy in the room”.

    Songs are more reliable assets than oil or gold. A classic song is a source of predictable income in an unpredictable world

    The whole business is running scared. Owning the rights to proven songs is viewed as the last safe investment in music

    I can’t play an instrument or sing a song. Responsibility is the only quality I bring to the party. I never let anyone down

    The number one rule in music always used to be, never sell your publishing. But Merck has upended that

    If you’re a pop star living a lavish lifestyle, your alternatives are stark: downscale or sell out. Guess which they choose?

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  • Fri, 26 Feb 2021 06:00:08 +0000: The dark side of the Chippendales – podcasts of the week - Internet | The Guardian

    Welcome to Your Fantasy unearths the intrigue and murder lurking within the world of the male dance troupe. Plus: 80s love stories, and Reply All exits The Test Kitchen

    Welcome to Your Fantasy
    Oily beefcake-merchants the Chippendales don’t seem like the most likely candidates for a true crime podcast, but this is one hell of a romp. Historian and fitness instructor Natalia Petrzela set out to investigate the phenomenon of women stuffing dollar bills down the dancers’ restrictive pants, but discovered a web of intrigue and murder. Star of the show is super smart Candice, who swapped investment banking to look after tanning and chaperoning, and the way Petrzela delivers the scandal amid the screams of thousands of women is perfect. Hannah Verdier

    Against the Odds

    What happens when you’re pushed to your limits to survive? Wondery’s new podcast brings out stories of pain, starvation and sheer determination. It’s a gripping listen, presented by fearless duo Mike Corey and Cassie de Pecol, with their suitably dramatic voices. The first episode goes in strong, with the story of a football team trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand told in great detail, as the situation becomes increasingly dangerous. Even though the ending has been well documented, the story is engrossing and the extent of the teamwork is inspiring. HV

    Following continued controversy behind the scenes of The Test Kitchen – Reply All’s expose of food website Bon Appétit – makers Gimlet have pulled the remaining episodes of the miniseries. The decision to cancel the podcast comes after Reply All host PJ Vogt announced a leave of absence from the main series earlier this month. He and Test Kitchen host Sruthi Pinnamaneni have since exited Reply All.

    Why not try: Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange | In Focus with David Yarrow | You Don’t Know Me

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  • Fri, 26 Feb 2021 01:57:20 +0000: Twitter to launch paid 'super follow' function that lets users charge for content - Internet | The Guardian

    Social media network also announces ‘Spaces’, a Clubhouse competitor that lets users participate in audio chats

    Twitter has announced it will launch a “super follow” feature, which lets users charge followers for access to exclusive content, later this year.

    The move comes as Twitter is branching out from advertising to find more ways to make money — both for itself and for its most prolific users.

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  • Thu, 25 Feb 2021 08:22:22 +0000: Why Bitcoin is so bad for the planet – video explainer - Internet | The Guardian

    In a year, bitcoin uses around the same about of electricity as the entire country of Norway. 

    The digital currency is one that allows people to bypass banks and traditional payment methods. It is the most prominent among thousands of so-called cryptocurrencies and has been repeatedly reaching new records - but is it sustainable? 

    The Guardian's UK technology editor Alex Hern examines how exactly bitcoin uses electricity and if the environmental cost is too high

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  • Tue, 23 Feb 2021 11:55:27 +0000: Clubhouse chatroom app closes down site rebroadcasting content - Internet | The Guardian

    Incident prompts fears for latest Silicon Valley craze’s ability to guarantee users’ security and privacy

    Clubhouse, the audio-chatroom app that has emerged as the latest craze to consume Silicon Valley, has shut down a site that was rebroadcasting the platform’s content, renewing concerns over the service’s ability to provide security and privacy for its users.

    The app, currently available only on iPhones, allows users to quickly and easily set up and discover panel-style discussions, with a small group of speakers and potentially thousands of listeners in each room. It has been strictly limited since its launch in April, with users requiring an invitation before they can create an account. It initially gained popularity in the tech and venture capitalist community of the San Francisco Bay area.

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