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  • Wed, 14 Nov 2018 00:01:01 +0000: Festive advertisers dump TV for online media - Internet | The Guardian

    TV ad spend expected to fall by almost £44m in final quarter, despite overall rise

    UK advertisers are cutting almost £44m from their TV ad campaign budgets in the run-up to Christmas, as a shift in focus to targeting shoppers on digital media could give Google, Facebook and YouTube a bumper festive season.

    As the annual Christmas advertising battle hots up – Burberry’s campaign featuring Matt Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas and Naomi Campbell the latest to be unveiled – TV companies are feeling the squeeze.

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  • Tue, 13 Nov 2018 23:34:06 +0000: Man pleads guilty to ‘swatting’ hoax that led police to fatally shoot Kansas man - Internet | The Guardian

    The deal with prosecutors will send Tyler Barriss to prison for at least 20 years, if the judge accepts it

    A California man has pleaded guilty to making a hoax call that ultimately led police to fatally shoot a Kansas man following a dispute between online gamers over $1.50 bet in a Call of Duty WWII video game.

    Tyler R Barriss , 26, admitted to making the false report resulting in a death, as well as cyberstalking and conspiracy related to the deadly swatting calls in Kansas. The deal with prosecutors will send him to prison for at least 20 years, if the judge accepts it. He had previously pleaded not guilty in Kansas.

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  • Sun, 11 Nov 2018 07:00:05 +0000: China confounds all that western liberals believed about the net | John Naughton - Internet | The Guardian

    Technology is being used by China to exercise ever greater control over their workers’ lives

    Remember 1989 – when the Berlin Wall came crashing down and the Soviet Union began to implode? For many of us who were around at the time, those memories are inextricably mixed up with a remarkable essay by a young scholar named Francis Fukuyama that appeared in the journal the National Interest in the summer of that amazing year.

    Its title, The End of History?, was compelling, even if the question mark rescued it – just – from the charge of hubris. “What we may be witnessing,” Fukuyama wrote, “is not just the end of the cold war, or the passing of a particular period of postwar history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalisation of western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.”

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  • Sat, 10 Nov 2018 15:00:42 +0000: Will you be getting a smart home spy for Christmas? - Internet | The Guardian

    Facebook, Google and Amazon are eager to get their new devices under your tree. But will they give away your privacy?

    If you’ve so far withstood the temptation to install a smart speaker in your home, worried about the potential privacy pitfalls and a bit embarrassed about the notion of chatting aimlessly to an inanimate object, brace yourselves. This Christmas, the world’s biggest tech giants, including Amazon, Google and Facebook, are making another bid for your living room, announcing a range of new devices that resemble tablets you can talk to.

    Facebook’s is called Portal, Google’s the Home Hub, and Amazon has unveiled the second version of its Echo Show. You can still speak to the digital assistants embedded in these devices, but their screens enable hands-free video calling (apart from the Google one), can act as a control pad for various smart devices you may have around your home, such as thermostats or security cameras and (this feature is on heavy rotation in all the promotional material) you can use them to prompt you through a recipe without resorting to smearing your buttery fingers over your phone or laptop. And they’re on sale just in time for the festive season.

    Keyword determinations from voice data

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  • Fri, 09 Nov 2018 18:20:52 +0000: Brexit visions of 'Cold War Steve' showcased on Liverpool billboard - Internet | The Guardian

    Darkly comic Twitter photomontages have attracted a legion of online followers

    Considered by some a “modern Hogarth” and better known as Cold War Steve by his legion of online fans, Christopher Spencer’s surreal visions of Brexit Britain have been showcased in public for the first time on a Liverpool billboard.

    Spencer was an unknown fledgling artist two years ago. He failed to get into university to study fine art and had been floundering between one menial job and another. He had a breakdown and attempted suicide.

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